Party Pack - 8 Activity Kits

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     Kids Party Pack. Everything you'll need

      One great big Party Pack to entertain your group of party-goers

      The perfect distraction when your little ones are getting a little wild

      Party Pack includes:
      • 8 Animal placemats (2 each of Frankie Frog, Divin' Dolphin, Rockin' Horsie and Topsea Turtle)
      • 144 Squishy stickers, removable and reusable (18 per child)
      • 448 Gemstones for added sparkle (56 per child)
      • 64 Googly eyes for extra giggles (8 per child)
      Material: Faux leather
      Color: Tickled Pink and Turquoise Blue
      Size: 17 W x 16 H inches
      Care: Easy to clean. Just wipe 'n go

      Fun facts:  A Geburtstagskuchen was the name of the very first birthday cake. The cake was made in Germany, and wasn't yummy or sweet!

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