Frankie Frog Placemat Activity Kit
Topsea Turtle Placemat Activity Kit

Rockin' Horsie Placemat Activity Kit

Make meal time easier
Encourage your children to bring their Rockin' Horsie placemats to the table to play and decorate.
Together, you can discover a new level of fun and games.

  • 1 Horsie placemat
  • 18 Squishy stickers, removable and reusable. Fancy Flyers and Monkey Time stickers
  • 56 Gemstones
  • 8 Googly eyes 
Material: Faux Leather 
Color: Tickled Pink or Turquoise Blue
DImensions:  17 W x 15 H inches
Care: Easy to clean. Just wipe n' go

Fun facts: The oldest rocking horse that still exists today belonged to King Charles I of England and dates to 1610